Inline Duct Fan

Product Description

» To exhaust air directly to the outsideinto a short length ducting (shorter than 1.5 m and without curves)
» For moving small and medium air volumes against low static resistance.
» For ventilating domestic premises, coolingdrying appliances.
» Can be used with flexiblerigid ducting.
» For installation at the upper part of the wall formoving warm air into adjacent rooms.
» Available sizes: Ø 100, Ø 120, Ø 150 mm
» Manufactured in Inshock-proof high quality Antistatic LG brandname ABS Plastic Material
» Maintenance free, self lubricating sleeve bearing motor for long life and noiseless running.
» Overheating protection 230 V - 50 Hz
» They are designed for clean air with maximum tempereture 50 °C